Thursday, 25 October 2012

Windows 8

Hello readers. Yet another major step forward in the growing world of technology as Microsoft release their latest software, Windows 8. That's now beem Windows97, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and today Windows 8.

To be honest I think it's not much if any better, you can use it like an Ipad if you have a touch-screen laptop which I see see no sense in. Here is a short caption I found from a review I read earlier:

For new users, Windows 8 will sometimes be infuriating – how do you close a programme? Why are there two versions of Internet Explorer, one for desktop, one for Windows 8 proper? (Because Windows 8 proper is more powerful.) Why is there no Facebook app, when Microsoft is a Facebook investor? Why is logging in to a wired network different from a wireless one? None of these are crises, but all of them indicate that Windows 8 remains the future – it will certainly not be the present until Intel chips power it to its full potential. 

Some of the few 'problems' with the new Windows8. I don't think I'll be paying £20 for it, will you?

What do you think of Windows 8, is it better, the same or worse than Windows 7? Thanks for reading my short little post today,


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