Friday, 26 October 2012

Review - Fifa13

Here's my review of the Fifa13 video game:

Available: Xbox 360 and PS3

Prices: Around £35-£50 (max!)

Age Rating: 3+


  • Good gameplay skills
  • Better commentary in game
  • New EA Sports Football Club fetaures including earning credits to buy extra stuff from the catalogue
  • New features in Career Mode.

  • EA servers for online play aren't great
  • Menus are a little tricky to navigate compare to previous Fifa games
  • Voice control (Xbox Kinect needed on Xbox version) isn't completely reliable

Rating: 9/10. 

Overall a very good game that footy fans will enjoy and a worthy purchase for birthdays etc.

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Note: Xbox Live (paid) or PSN (free) needed  online features

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